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Trx Infinity

TRX Infinity Review

All I can say is Wow! I have tried several of these types of programs before and always lost money. I get some positions on a matrix and I never cycle. Well, not with this one. I have only been in this for a short time and already cycled a level and will most likely cycle another level overnight. This is incredible.

You can try this for free as you can be pif’d in by your sponsor. Pif just means they pay for your first position. If your sponsor fails to pay for you within 48 hours then you end up in a pif pool where anyone can grab you and pif you. So, no matter what, someone will pay for your first level position

Do not think you can stop there. If you simply take the first free position and then don’t do anything then nothing is going to happen. To make this work you will then have to purchase at least 5 positions. At the time of this writing this comes out to around 20$ USD. So if you do not have $20 to invest in the program then I would not recommend joining it. There is no free lunch.

You can bring referrals in or not, this is your choice. The program is designed to work even if you do not sponsor anyone. The program is simple to understand and there are videos in the back office. The videos along with some written instructions explain everything in detail. They also have a telegram chat group.

There are nice promotional graphics like the one you see below available in the back office under promotional center.

There is another really nice feature on the site. At the top you will see a dropdown box that says select language. You can pick whatever language you need and the site will be translated for you.

My review of the Trx Infinity program is 10/10. I highly recommend this program if you enjoy cryptocurrency matrix programs.

Yes I am an affiliate of this program and will make commissions if you join under me and purchase anything.

Below is my affiliate link if you would like to join through me. As an added benefit, I am part of a team build for this program. Once you join under my link I will get you the team information.

TRX Infinity

Do I need a website?

These days I am not sure if a “website” is really needed. This depends on your situation and needs. For some people a Facebook page may do the trick and not cost you any hosting fees or domain fees. Go to Facebook and look at other business pages that people are using. I have even seen restaurants put their hours, menus, location and more right on their Facebook business page. This can also serve as your direct response mailing list but better. People or customers can like or subscribe to your page and then they are notified via their Facebook feed when you post something new. So instead of having an email list you can use this. Many people do not check email daily but they may tend to look at their Facebook feeds. Facebook also has a messenger. Customer’s can directly message you or vice versa.

When you have a website there are normally both yearly and monthly charges for your domain name and hosting. If you don’t have computer skills you may need help setting up the site. This may cost you more. Some people may say you are not professional if you do not have a site. Let them say that but you will know you made the choice. You chose to save money and aggravation.

Uploading photos, posting images, posting text; these are all easily performed on the Facebook platform. Even if you are very technically challenged and can’t do this, you could pay to have this done and it would be less expensive than having a domain and website.

These are just some things to think about.

Earn with or without referrals

(yes I am an affiliate of the program mentioned in this post and may profit if you join by these links)

This particular program is doing great right now. If you are visiting this post in the future, then I cannot be sure but it still may be worth a look. If you are here now then you are in the right place. Everyone I know is talking about this one. The way this is structured you can earn with or without referrals. So if you suck at recruiting, then just follow the path of no referrals. There is a nice guide in the back office the explains how to do the system either way.

People are making teams for this program it is so good. I found one with over 100 members!! If you do not know how to use cryptocurrency you may have a slight learning curve. These things are also explained in the back office. Really, all you need to know is here if you just go through everything in your back office when you join. Then you will understand. If you join me via my affiliate link in this post then I can get you on my team which also includes a very active telegram chat, and a team site that has many instructional videos. If you are interested in the full team project then there are also other programs you may join if you want. Or, you can just go with this one. I personally use several of the listed programs.

Feel free to check this one out and see if you love it. click here

Ads Earn Network

Are you into Crypto or curious. Here is a nice little group of sites that can get you started. As a bonus once you get in through my link here I can hook you up with an awesome team build where you will be able to get plenty of help and great strategies to move forward. Yes I am an affiliate of the program listed in this post and may earn commissions if you decide to join via my links here. These are some really cool crypto type advertising programs. Have a look and see if this is interesting for you. If it is then great I will see you inside and we can chat in the group. Contact me once you are in and signed up and I’ll get you the team information so you can proceed. Here is a link to check this out: LINK

TAE’s can be TE’s too

When I first joined a TAE (Text Ad Exchange) I was sooooo confused. I had no idea what to do and could not make sense of it. You see, I was used to using Traffic Exchanges and Mailers. These were both pretty straightforward and I was easily able to understand what to do with them. TAE’s on the other hand, are a different kind of beast.

To make it even more confusing they are all different. One may focus on credit emails while another may actually have an autosurf built in. Some have a manual surf as well, this is why I say a TAE can be a TE. But it goes even deeper. Even if there is not an actual surf built in you can still kind of surf on them. On some of these TAE’s you may find a button that says earn credits. You click this and then maybe you see 3 banner ads with text ads between them. So you click each banner and each text ad then click “load new ads”. It is different than normal surfing but one plus is there is usually no timer in this kind of setup. So as soon as you click the banner ad and the page opens you can close it and then click the next banner or text ad.

The cool thing about these TAE’s is that once you find your way around there are usually many ways to earn credits on them. There may be a box at the top left that says click for daily credits, most have emails you can click on site and in your email, admin emails also earn credits and you should watch these for special bonus credits or announcements from the site owner. When I rented one of these for a while I would put extra credits in my admin emails that I sent out. If you rent or buy one of these, or any ad site for that matter, you are actually building a list. You will have a list of members that already know you. When they sign up, they give you permission to email them as a requirement for joining the ad site. So guess what? You have your own list of people that know you providing that you are branding yourself correctly on your site. When I visit any ad site I like to see who the owner is.

TAE’s can be Mailers too.

Most of these sites also include a credit mailer. You view other emails for credits and rack some up so then you can use your earned credits to send out an email. I suggest if you join a TAE that you should really spend some time with it. Click on all the buttons. Normally these will be on the left side of the page. Some buttons have even more buttons that pop out. This is why I say it can be so confusing. There is so much. You can also purchase ads using money, credits, or sometimes even cryptocurrency. Look for something called lifetime banners. You can sometimes purchase a lifetime banner ad this way you will have an ad on the site for the life of the site even if you don’t spend much time there. On the flip side of that, some sites will put you on vacation mode or inactive if you don’t visit once in a while. See each site’s policy for that.

A great idea is to update your profile and make sure you upload a picture. You get a much better response on any ad site if you actually put up your picture rather than the default people icon.

Manual surf vs auto surf

There are some different kinds of traffic exchanges. The main two being manual and auto. Auto surf is considered a very low form of advertising as it can be started and it just goes even if you walk away until you stop it. There are reasons some people may want to generate a bunch of hits to a particular web page but this is generally not thought of as a great form of advertising as many people could be running the autosurfs and not seeing your ad as they may not be looking. There are some of these that incorporate a game system. If you are on a autosurf with games built in you have a better chance at someone seeing your ad. Some like the convenience of not having to click so they use the autosurf. If they sit there and watch for the games they can earn extra credits. I recommend if you use auto surf sites to look for ones that have some games built in.

I joined a program one time that was based on using autosurf sites to earn credits for sites with better advertising. While in theory this sounded great I could never make it work the way it should. This was not due to anything I was doing or not doing. Here was the problem. On any of these kind of sites that I will talk about on this blog, for some reason, there is an abundance of people that will join your offers and then not do anything. Most of the time, these people are program hoppers. A program hopper jumps from one offer to another without ever devoting enough time to anything to make it work. I had a big list of people that I brought into that autosurf program but none of them followed through the system once they got in. I finally gave up on that one after several years.

Usually, manual surf is the way to go. Many sites will show you how many people are actively surfing at any given moment. This way you make sure you are on an active site. Some instead, will give you daily counts. On a manual surf traffic exchange you actively view ads to earn credits for you own ads. Most of these also allow you to post banner ads and text ads as well. Many have an active chat box on the side too. When looking for a traffic exchange I would recommend a manual surf. You may have to match images and wait for a timer before moving on to the next ad, this is normal. There are millions of people that use or have used a manual traffic exchange so don’t think that you should not make use of them just because it is free advertising. Just be aware of what this audience is and advertise accordingly. People on manual traffic exchanges like free traffic, hint.. hint…

3 Internet Business ideas

There are 3 main business ideas on this website. Easy Side Hustle, Rock the Biz Ops, and Viral Commando Profits. Each one of these is a great system and can be used on it’s own. I personally run ads for all three. The Easy Side Hustle is the most simple program that I have found. This is great for anyone looking for something very simple. There is no team and it has a unique system that is different from what you normally find. Rock the Biz Ops is also simple but it is a step up from Easy Side Hustle and does include Team participation. To get all the Team benefits you need to send at least 500 hits to a Team link that you will be provided with. You do this in addition to promoting your own links. We have a system you can learn in the training that shows you how to get these 500 Team hits in about an hour. This way you have the rest of the week to promote your own links or other offers. Viral Commando Profits is a unique self contained system where you will also get one or two re-branded e-books with your links in them. There is complete easy video training provided so you can move step by step through the site. You will also be building your list if you use the program and follow it correctly. You will find links to all these programs if you go through the page links at the top or on the side of this website.

Free Traffic Using TE’s

A TE is a Traffic Exchange. This is an advertising website where you view other people’s advertisements in exchange for credits that you assign to your own ads. There are different surfing ratio’s available depending on the website. Sometimes you need to view three or more ads in order to show your ad just one time. There are surfing strategies available. If you join me at Rock the Biz Ops you will learn one such strategy.

I enjoy 1 to 1 traffic exchanges. This is exactly as it sounds. For each ad you view you get one credit to show your own ad.

Many of these traffic exchanges show you small pictures and you must match a picture in order to move on to the next page. There is also a timer that counts down. You must wait for the timer before moving to the next page. This makes sure each page has a proper amount of viewing time for the ad. The timer can be different (in seconds) on different exchanges.

Some of these sites offer paid upgrades in order to get a better credit ratio or a faster timer. Watch for these upgrade specials around the holiday’s. The specials usually provide the best deals. You may also find a deal in what is called a OTO or One Time Offer. Sometimes these are presented immediately upon joining the Traffic Exchange. The main problem with a OTO is that when you first join you have no idea if you even like the website or if it going to produce the kind of traffic that you need. So taking a OTO right off the bat is a bit of a gamble but you may get an incredible deal. The best thing to do is just stop and think for a minute. Then decide if the gamble is worth it at the time.

Sometimes you come upon some bad sites that break out of the frame or show inappropriate material. This is rare because almost all of these types of sites have a “report a site” button. So if you come across any site that has a problem you can hit the “report” button and the site administrator will take care of the problem.

Most of these TE’s also have a “view site” button. This will open the current ad in a new page or browser tab. This way if you come upon an interesting ad you can open it in another tab and look at it when you are finished surfing the TE. Some have a “favorites” button instead so you can save a list of favorites as you are surfing.

Traffic Exchanges are known as cheap traffic. Some would say they are junk traffic. Everyone seeing your ad is promoting their own ad. Most do not care about your ad and only about the credits being earned. We take a different approach at Rock the Biz Ops and use them more as a form of brand recognition. People surfing keep seeing Rock the Biz Ops an it becomes known. Some people say the best use for TE’s is list building using a Lead Capture Page. I personally use the for both of these and more.