TAE’s can be TE’s too

When I first joined a TAE (Text Ad Exchange) I was sooooo confused. I had no idea what to do and could not make sense of it. You see, I was used to using Traffic Exchanges and Mailers. These were both pretty straightforward and I was easily able to understand what to do with them. TAE’s on the other hand, are a different kind of beast.

To make it even more confusing they are all different. One may focus on credit emails while another may actually have an autosurf built in. Some have a manual surf as well, this is why I say a TAE can be a TE. But it goes even deeper. Even if there is not an actual surf built in you can still kind of surf on them. On some of these TAE’s you may find a button that says earn credits. You click this and then maybe you see 3 banner ads with text ads between them. So you click each banner and each text ad then click “load new ads”. It is different than normal surfing but one plus is there is usually no timer in this kind of setup. So as soon as you click the banner ad and the page opens you can close it and then click the next banner or text ad.

The cool thing about these TAE’s is that once you find your way around there are usually many ways to earn credits on them. There may be a box at the top left that says click for daily credits, most have emails you can click on site and in your email, admin emails also earn credits and you should watch these for special bonus credits or announcements from the site owner. When I rented one of these for a while I would put extra credits in my admin emails that I sent out. If you rent or buy one of these, or any ad site for that matter, you are actually building a list. You will have a list of members that already know you. When they sign up, they give you permission to email them as a requirement for joining the ad site. So guess what? You have your own list of people that know you providing that you are branding yourself correctly on your site. When I visit any ad site I like to see who the owner is.

TAE’s can be Mailers too.

Most of these sites also include a credit mailer. You view other emails for credits and rack some up so then you can use your earned credits to send out an email. I suggest if you join a TAE that you should really spend some time with it. Click on all the buttons. Normally these will be on the left side of the page. Some buttons have even more buttons that pop out. This is why I say it can be so confusing. There is so much. You can also purchase ads using money, credits, or sometimes even cryptocurrency. Look for something called lifetime banners. You can sometimes purchase a lifetime banner ad this way you will have an ad on the site for the life of the site even if you don’t spend much time there. On the flip side of that, some sites will put you on vacation mode or inactive if you don’t visit once in a while. See each site’s policy for that.

A great idea is to update your profile and make sure you upload a picture. You get a much better response on any ad site if you actually put up your picture rather than the default people icon.

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