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VERY IMPORTANT MUST READ Hello and welcome to Anixas.com where we like to specialize and dabble in all things internet marketing related. Please be aware first and foremost that I make clear almost all of the links you see on this website are for affiliate programs I, the website owner may profit and or recieve hits or other forms of compensation if you as a visitor were to join a program via one of these links and make a purchase or upgrade. This IS the nature of affilate programs so if you disagree with any of this please do not click or join anything and leave the site at once as you must certainley be lost right now. We love that your found our site if you are in the correct place and now we can begin. Check it out! 

How would you like free weekly training? No ,it's not me but even better. You have to check out the free training at Affiliate Funnel. If you are new or curious to learn more this is a must. Even if you have been doing this a while I think you will benefit from the trainings. If you can make it there live you can get some good bonus credits. Even if you can't be there live you can simply watch the recording but you lose out on the bonus credits.

Gorilla MarketingIf you are looking for a great platform or hub for your internet marketing biz look no further you just found something awesome Gorilla Marketing Pro is a great all-in-one system. No matter what you are promoting you can simply add your own links to the back office. 

Free list builder! Everyone will tell you that you need to build your list. Here is a no cost way to build a list. This is a great feature you must see! This is an  incredible value for free and you get even more if you upgrade but you don't have to, there is much you can use for no cost. Click the banner to visit Gorilla Marketing Pro and see for yourself. I personally use this and all the programs you see listed on this site. And yes, I am an upgraded member as you will see when you ge inside your back office Make sure you go through all the menus and watch the videos when you get inside. 

Gorilla MarketingThis is very cool, I'm talking about a social media platform for internet marketers. Yes there are several of these but , in my opinion, this is the best one. Cash Juice has many special features. You should take a look at this for yourself and see. 

If you enjoy these types of programs like I do, you just may enjoy my you tube video channel. Look me up as Mudball Mike on you tube. Subscribe and like some of the videos if you like what you see. Before I started creating these videos I was making some at the Canfield fair. If you have not seen the fair scroll down on the video page to the earlier videos and you'll see them. Mudball MikeYou will find instructional videos and informative videos about different programs that I am currently using or testng. Just because a program is on there  does not mean I still use it or it may not even exist. Many programs and sites in this field close and/or change hands. In fact I just went to login a site that I am upgraded in the other night and it has now changed hands and my login info no longer works. The new owner wants a receipt copy if you are upgraded. So I guess I  just lost that because I don't know when or how I paid that. But now I have anger toward the site and the new owner and may no longer use the site. These are the types of volatile situations that can occur so be ready for the changing and unpredictable. I have lost several lifetime upgrades when sites have simply closed down. Some sites promise you tons of money but run you in circles. Sometimes you find out the hard way and you lose some money. What I have on the video channel so far is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the programs I have tried over the years. Even now I only showcase some programs as I would not have time to cover them all. Here is the link to the video channel. Mudball MikeAffiliate Marketing - - Internet Marketing - - Anixas - - Echo Traffic Club - - Elite Marketing Club

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(all ads on this site are affiliate links and I the site owner may receive affiliate commissions if a purchase is made)

Build A Biz

First of all I love working with HTML and guess where I am creating most of the content for this website? Well, you guessed it , over at Build A Biz. They have a great WYSIWYG editor where you can visually create your site and then you just hit the source button to get the code and copy it to your html page on your web host. 

BANNERS! If you are marketing online you also will need banners. Guess what, Yep there is also a banner maker you can use over at Build A Biz. Check it out now if you are not a member yet. I'm sure you will love it and find something you can use for your business. 

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