GDI Team Elite - Team Echo Version

Affiliate Marketer (I may make a commission from any link or ad on this page:) Mike Cosma


Greetings, what we do here is a simple team build for the GDI affiliate program. You will be on a branch of GDI Team Elite and working with Team Echo. We have experienced marketers some of which are also site owners. Most of us use programs like Referral Frenzy in order to achieve maximum ad results. You can use safelist/mailers without a program like that but you will have to work harder. We require 1000 hits per week to the team link in order to be eligible for the Team Elite program. The Team Echo program goes even further with free training. Click the button on the right to come in and take a look around. If you want to join us then go to the Start Here page on my GDI Team Site. See the video below for some brief information as well. You can look around at everything on the site before joining anything. GDI will also give you a 7 day free trial so you can make sure it is what you are looking for.
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A brief video


The banners you see here are the type of free advertising resources that we use. Yes I am an affiliate of Herculist, Viral Taco Traffic and GDI so I may profit if you make a purchase from these links. GDI sells domain names and web hosting with easy to setup websites and email, plus they have an affiliate program. Some people will join for the products only and others join for both the products and the affiliate program. You are able to communicate with your downline from your back office. When you setup your wordpress site we actually have 4 pages that you can copy and paste so you can quickly get your site setup. See Turbo Setup once inside.
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