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Carol’s GDI Power Team BuildĀ 

We use a simple $10 program for this one. No freebie seekers for this one. However, you can try this out for 7 days to make sure it is for you. Even if you have tried this program before and failed, you may want to try it one more time. This team build is unlike any that I have seen. Much of the advertising work will be done for you. This will save you a ton of time and I consider this a huge value. Please watch the short video to learn more: Carol’s GDI Power Team Build

please note that I am an affiliate at any program listed on this page and my earn commissions if any purchases or upgrades are made.

Next we have a team build at Echo Traffic Club – freebie seekers are allowed at this one

echo traffic club

Echo Traffic Club

Welcome to my Team!

We respect downline integrity. Most of our selected programs are within a downline builder that is inside Echo Traffic Club. Therefore, the first thing you should do is join me there if you have signed up on my team.

You can click this link Echo Traffic Club

You can join this for free and it is also a mailer. Do not worry about setting it up yet if you don’t have time. You can go back in later and get it all setup. For now, just sign up free and get your referral link.

You also want to make sure that you have an account at Leads Leap. This is where we make our LCP’s and start building a list for free.

Leads Leap

Here is a tutorial I made for using Leads Leap

Click for playlist

Yes I am an affiliate at the above programs and any other programs you find on this website and may earn a commission if any purchases are made through my links.

If you are already in any of the programs you do not need to join again. Just let me know so we get you in touch with your upline.

If you are at this page you most likely got an email from me after you signed up to join our team.

After you are signed up for these 2 programs email me back for the next instructions. Thanks.