Multimedia Projects

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Experimental Music

Find works by Michael A Cosma (Anixas)

Hey listen, there will be some experimental music and such

See Mudball Records

Find more at my BandCamp Page

See my Robot Car video on youtube shorts: Video


you like some artwork?

I respect that.

You can find some photos, pictures, fragments

I think you like some pictures

ok then get some pics

Find some of my digital artwork at Instagram

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Here is a tutorial I made for using Leads Leap. Many people get into Leads Leap and have trouble understanding how to make the Lead Capture Pages. The playlist below will show you the videos (quick and easy) on how to get going.

Click for playlist

Yes I am an affiliate at the above programs and any other programs you find on this website and may earn a commission if any purchases are made through my links.

If you are already in any of the programs you do not need to join again. Just let me know so we get you in touch with your upline.

If you are at this page you most likely got an email from me after you signed up to join our team.

After you are signed up for these 2 programs email me if you have any questions. Thanks.


You can use Leads Leap above at no cost to be able to make some very nice lcp’s but there are limits to the free version. If you like the system, you can fully upgrade to take advantage of all of it. Another option that I use for my marketing toolbox is called Gorilla Marketing Pro. In my opinion GMP has the best tools at the best price (FREE). (yes I am also an affiliate of GMP and may earn commissions if you join through my link and upgrade). Like most programs they offer upgrades but you can use the system free if you like.

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