Manual surf vs auto surf

There are some different kinds of traffic exchanges. The main two being manual and auto. Auto surf is considered a very low form of advertising as it can be started and it just goes even if you walk away until you stop it. There are reasons some people may want to generate a bunch of hits to a particular web page but this is generally not thought of as a great form of advertising as many people could be running the autosurfs and not seeing your ad as they may not be looking. There are some of these that incorporate a game system. If you are on a autosurf with games built in you have a better chance at someone seeing your ad. Some like the convenience of not having to click so they use the autosurf. If they sit there and watch for the games they can earn extra credits. I recommend if you use auto surf sites to look for ones that have some games built in.

I joined a program one time that was based on using autosurf sites to earn credits for sites with better advertising. While in theory this sounded great I could never make it work the way it should. This was not due to anything I was doing or not doing. Here was the problem. On any of these kind of sites that I will talk about on this blog, for some reason, there is an abundance of people that will join your offers and then not do anything. Most of the time, these people are program hoppers. A program hopper jumps from one offer to another without ever devoting enough time to anything to make it work. I had a big list of people that I brought into that autosurf program but none of them followed through the system once they got in. I finally gave up on that one after several years.

Usually, manual surf is the way to go. Many sites will show you how many people are actively surfing at any given moment. This way you make sure you are on an active site. Some instead, will give you daily counts. On a manual surf traffic exchange you actively view ads to earn credits for you own ads. Most of these also allow you to post banner ads and text ads as well. Many have an active chat box on the side too. When looking for a traffic exchange I would recommend a manual surf. You may have to match images and wait for a timer before moving on to the next ad, this is normal. There are millions of people that use or have used a manual traffic exchange so don’t think that you should not make use of them just because it is free advertising. Just be aware of what this audience is and advertise accordingly. People on manual traffic exchanges like free traffic, hint.. hint…

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