Free Traffic Using TE’s

A TE is a Traffic Exchange. This is an advertising website where you view other people’s advertisements in exchange for credits that you assign to your own ads. There are different surfing ratio’s available depending on the website. Sometimes you need to view three or more ads in order to show your ad just one time. There are surfing strategies available. If you join me at Rock the Biz Ops you will learn one such strategy.

I enjoy 1 to 1 traffic exchanges. This is exactly as it sounds. For each ad you view you get one credit to show your own ad.

Many of these traffic exchanges show you small pictures and you must match a picture in order to move on to the next page. There is also a timer that counts down. You must wait for the timer before moving to the next page. This makes sure each page has a proper amount of viewing time for the ad. The timer can be different (in seconds) on different exchanges.

Some of these sites offer paid upgrades in order to get a better credit ratio or a faster timer. Watch for these upgrade specials around the holiday’s. The specials usually provide the best deals. You may also find a deal in what is called a OTO or One Time Offer. Sometimes these are presented immediately upon joining the Traffic Exchange. The main problem with a OTO is that when you first join you have no idea if you even like the website or if it going to produce the kind of traffic that you need. So taking a OTO right off the bat is a bit of a gamble but you may get an incredible deal. The best thing to do is just stop and think for a minute. Then decide if the gamble is worth it at the time.

Sometimes you come upon some bad sites that break out of the frame or show inappropriate material. This is rare because almost all of these types of sites have a “report a site” button. So if you come across any site that has a problem you can hit the “report” button and the site administrator will take care of the problem.

Most of these TE’s also have a “view site” button. This will open the current ad in a new page or browser tab. This way if you come upon an interesting ad you can open it in another tab and look at it when you are finished surfing the TE. Some have a “favorites” button instead so you can save a list of favorites as you are surfing.

Traffic Exchanges are known as cheap traffic. Some would say they are junk traffic. Everyone seeing your ad is promoting their own ad. Most do not care about your ad and only about the credits being earned. We take a different approach at Rock the Biz Ops and use them more as a form of brand recognition. People surfing keep seeing Rock the Biz Ops an it becomes known. Some people say the best use for TE’s is list building using a Lead Capture Page. I personally use the for both of these and more.

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