Do I need a website?

These days I am not sure if a “website” is really needed. This depends on your situation and needs. For some people a Facebook page may do the trick and not cost you any hosting fees or domain fees. Go to Facebook and look at other business pages that people are using. I have even seen restaurants put their hours, menus, location and more right on their Facebook business page. This can also serve as your direct response mailing list but better. People or customers can like or subscribe to your page and then they are notified via their Facebook feed when you post something new. So instead of having an email list you can use this. Many people do not check email daily but they may tend to look at their Facebook feeds. Facebook also has a messenger. Customer’s can directly message you or vice versa.

When you have a website there are normally both yearly and monthly charges for your domain name and hosting. If you don’t have computer skills you may need help setting up the site. This may cost you more. Some people may say you are not professional if you do not have a site. Let them say that but you will know you made the choice. You chose to save money and aggravation.

Uploading photos, posting images, posting text; these are all easily performed on the Facebook platform. Even if you are very technically challenged and can’t do this, you could pay to have this done and it would be less expensive than having a domain and website.

These are just some things to think about.

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