Facebook RacecarGet Facebook Leads from current high capacity groups

Facebook Racecar
Get Facebook Leads from current high capacity groups

Current info : These groups have at least 80K members and have current posts. I have listed the groups in order with the member counts underneath matching the list order. If you don’t want to weed through a bunch of groups that have posts from last year then you need this list right now. Today is 11/06/22 – if you see this way in the future then you will probably find a more up to date list further up the page. As a favor for providing this list I have my personal pages and groups listed at the bottom of the post. It would help me out a lot if you could join some or all of these as well to help me grow. Thanks again and I hope you find this post useful. Happy Posting!!

Here you go:




139.4 K

108.3 K

155.9 K


88.8 K

My personal Facebook Pages and Groups

Internet Marketing and post your links



Music and Noise



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