Are you getting paid per lead?

So I assume if you are reading this post that you are some sort of affiliate marketer. You most likely use Lead Capture Pages (LCP’s). What you are doing is collecting leads and building your list. Then you are sending your offers to this list. Some people are purchasing your products. Others may not even read your emails. So far we have a normal scenario for the affiliate marketer. But what if………

What if you were instead getting paid for all these leads even if they are not buying anything at the moment. Does this seem like a sort of wild dream that your brain cannot fathom? Are the email gods laughing as you read this? They say what is this madness are you for real?

I have located something that will do just that. You see, now I am getting paid for each lead that I collect and it gets even better. If they confirm the email (note: they have not made a purchase yet) then I make even more. It just gets better from there depending on what you decide to do with the system. They will even make you a website. This is a very cool system. In fact, now that I discovered it, I’m now making it my main hub to flow all of my new leads through. Why would I not based on what it can do? This is amazing. (Yes I am an affiliate of this program (that is the idea right?) and will make commissions if you sign up at the below link.)

Pay Per Lead Click Here

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