Wealth Step by Step

I had joined this program because I liked the commission structure and saw some prominent people promoting this one. I joined a team with some of them and went to work. The team I was on was great and had many resources. We were building daily and had some nice rotators for everyone to use.

Personally, I am interested in the whole package. The problem is that one of the main parts of this program is that you are getting (purchasing) an autoresponder to use. Every week since I had joined this program, the owner sent everyone an email stating problems with the autoresponder. It was not working correctly. As of this writing, it is still not working correctly. My opinion is that the program creator has rushed the program out before his products were finished and working properly. I have now decided to cancel my spot in the program even though there were many things that I did like about it.

One other thing that I found confusing was the payment methods. When I read the ad copy it was stated in there that I could receive payment by check. This was one reason I got involved because I prefer that payment method. However, once inside this was no longer a payment option.

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I started getting leads for this one the same day that I put out ads for it. Almost everyone should find this useful.

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