Second Splash Review

Second Splash

So if you have been doing internet marketing for a while like myself, I’m sure you have seen or used Somanyhits and/or EasyCash4Ads. This program, Second Splash is the latest in this line of programs from the developer.

To me this is like SoManyHits on steroids!! If you used that program before you will have some idea of what I mean.

Actually, I was resisting this program when it first came out because I had some reservations about it
This program will show your splash page along side someone else. From marketing 101 I am aware that you should have a singular message on your page and not 2 or 3 as this can lead to confusion for the viewer. Now they must choose between 2 or 3 options rather than having one clear path. I did not think this would be a good model.

But, when I watched a video by Carol (GDI Team Leader), and saw the program in action I changed my mind about it.

It is also the BEST and EASIEST Splash Page builder that I have ever used in my Life. It makes fantastic splash pages. The Pro upgrade gives you more fonts to work with and double the commissions.

I’m following the way that I saw Carol set this up in her video. You can set this up as your main advertising system because of the income potential and REAL VIRAL NATURE of the system. You get many more splash pages as a pro member as well. What you can do is create a splash page that is then attached to an LCP. What I use for my Autoresponder is LEADS LEAP. (you can get a free account or pro at Leads Leap). What you want to do is connect these awesome splash pages from Second Splash to your Lead Capture pages so then you can promote whatever you want and build your list. (PRO TIP: you get a higher percentage of sales on the back end in the email series than you will on the initial front end pitch. Create a list with a GREAT email series with AWESOME content that have some promotions included.)

When I saw the amount of clicks and hits Carol was getting I was SOLD!

Last night I got 5 or 6 of my own splashes set up and I am already getting hundreds of hits to them!!

You can get Second Splash for free or you can upgrade to PRO. They have LIFETIME deals as well.

Do I recommend this program, well that is a Big Hell Yeah!!

(Yes I am an affiliate marketer and any links you find in the above article are my affiliate links. I may make a commission if anyone clicks these links and purchases anything from the linked websites.)

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