Anixas Site News

Thank you for checking out Anixas. We attempt to bring you useful content for simple internet marketing. Here are a few topics that may be covered from time to time.

Traffic Exchanges

  • Free Traffic using Traffic Exchanges
  • Manual surf vs. autosurf
  • TAE’s can be TE’s too

Ad Boards

  • What is an ad board
  • How often can you place an ad
  • How many ads can you place per day
  • Real hits due to no incentives.


  • Safelist to keep you safe from spamming
  • How much mail will I receive
  • The value of on-site emails

Text Ad Exchange

  • Why TAE’s have even more features
  • Why TAE’s can be confusing
  • Should I rent a TAE?


  • What to talk about on your videos
  • Do I have to show my face on video?
  • Don’t make me read your video

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