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Tonight I meticulously went through this website and removed dead or no-longer links, images, and so forth. Some of the pictures needed slight attention with headlines or re-sizing. Something may have been right aligned and is now centered. Wow! I even added a new page! Since I also record music as Anixas I felt that I must have a music page on this website as well. I do have the Mudball Records website, but now there is a Music page on the Anixas site too!

All of the main music links that I have are listed right now. I may add some more in the future if need be.

If you want to make a fast trip to the music click here: Bandcamp. You will find some solo stuff and collaborations at my Bandcamp page. A great place to find music from people that are not on the radio. As stated, my music is more of an experimental nature. I find it hard to describe and experimental does not really do it justice, but it is close. I also use the term “high weirdness” which may be more appropriate. What is your flavor? Let’s go.

I do a lot of short music videos on TikTok also.

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