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Today I was playing with imovie and kapwing to see what kind of crazy stuff I could make. I ended up with something that is kinda strange which is what I like. Some of the transitions are a little off and the background remover did not remove everything but it still looks ok. I was able to insert a second audio track into #kapwing to give it a strange audio effect in the background. I took another track I had previously made and placed it into audacity. Then I added volume and a phaser effect. At this point, I reversed the clip and then added front and back fades after cutting it down to 60 seconds (I only like to go less than 60 seconds on the clips so they have a chance to duet in tik tok). My hope is that some other people that create noise, high weirdness, or other types of non-traditional music will duet me. I took that mod from #audacity and put it with the track in #imovie. At this point, when I did the export and tried sending to tik tok I had a postage stamp sized video???? I was confused. Actually, I had also trimmed the bad transition out of the video clip when I was in imovie too. Since this did not work properly, (must have been some setting I had wrong) I then went back to kapwing. I brought my video clip back up in kapwing and was able to add the extra audio from audacity so this time I uploaded right from kapwing to tiktok and it worked , whew! Too see it follow me on tiktok @anixas or instagram @anixas.

Anixas Rocks Out on the guitar

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