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Sunday Contest

Today they are having a contest at TronXtreme. If you are not in the program link you can get in via my affiliate link that will be posted below. Or you can click the banner also below. Once you join get in the telegram group (which you will find on the site) and you can ask in there about today’s contest.

Yes I am an affiliate of TronXtreme and will receive a commission if you join and upgrade through my link.



Note: This Contest is for Sunday April 11, 2021 if you are seeing this after that date the contest is over but you still may want to check out the program.

Task Force Echo

Task Force Echo – Here We Go!

Call Out to all my internet marketing friends and anyone else that would like to check out a crypto centered teambuilding project. This is so big and so good everyone needs to know about this one. Join myself, Coach K (Kris Ellis), Charles McClure and the rest of the gang in our new adventure. This involves Bitcoin and Tron (trx). If you are already experienced with cryptocurrency then you are ready. If not you may have some things to learn but you can still jump on board with us. Anyone that is interested just message me and I will get you into the team chat room where you will be able to learn more and ask questions. my facebook to message me:
(do not message me to try to sell me your opportunity I am not interested – only message me if you want information about this opportunity)

click for blog post getting involved instructions