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Michael A Cosma Anixas Electronic Cottage Project

EC Comp - Weird Circus - Concept

Imagine you come upon the Weird Circus. As you enter you become contaminated. You are now one of the weird ones too.

Your newfound high-weirdness compels you to create the magical sounds. For your pleasure, various wav files have now found their way to you. Now you may download and use as you please.

Project Details

Use at least 3 of the wav files found in these zip files for your project. You can mangle them any way you see fit. Then also add your own sounds to create a composition. There are no rules as long as you are creating the sounds. Do not use any copyrighted sounds, radio or tv broadcasts and so forth. You can play instruments, sing, spoken words, acoustic or electric instruments, make beats in software programs, etc. This project is for Electronic Cottage members only. Complete instructions on where to send the files will be found in the group on Facebook.

Now that you found this special page you may come back to it any time you like and get the files to use in any of your sound projects.

Bookmark this page for easy finding or simply download all of the zip files

Here is a list of what the zip files contain includes: beats1.wav beats2.wav beats3.wav beats4.wav beats5.wav beats6.wav beats7.wav beats8.wav weirdcircusdrums.wav includes: contaminated1.wav contaminated2.wav contaminated3.wav dustyorgan1.wav dustyorgan2.wav dustyorgan3.wav includes: fastflicker1.wav fastflicker2.wav fastflicker3.wav fastflicker4.wav korgndublin1.wav korgndublin2.wav krgmndly1.wav krgmndly2.wav krgmndly3.wav includes: phaser1.wav phaser2.wav phaser3.wav spaceghost1.wav spaceghost2.wav weirdcircus.wav weirdcircustripleosc.wav

The license for these wav files is as follows:
CC0: This work (the .wav files above) has been marked as dedicated to the public domain.

This means you can use the wav files for anything you want.

This license only applies to the wav files and not to the EC Comp - Weird Circus

EC Comp - Weird Circus will have a license listed on the Bandcamp platform when complete