I have decided to create a page of resources for Task Force Echo.

When you promote for the team you are helping yourself and all of us.

At this point I have created a Lead Capture Page (LCP) and 3 Splash Pages. Since I assume I will be creating even more promotional material (maybe some banners?) now there will be a section on my blog to easily get to these resources.

Lead Capture Page Link: LCP LINK

I have also purchased the domain https://tfecrypto.com for the team. This is linked to the LCP.
There are some places where you must use a top level domain for advertising so this is for that, also it is easy to remember.

Splash Pages (these all have a button that link to the LCP)

OMG Splash Page: Splash Page 1 Link
Bitcoin Banner: Splash Page 2 Link
Team Family Page: Splash Page 3 Link