Affiliate Marketing training guides/ebooks

Affiliate Marketing Training Guides /eBooks

What is affiliate marketing? Simply, it is this; you promote websites, programs or products that other people have created and you earn a commission for your efforts if you make sales. That is a big “IF”. Keep that in mind. Many of these websites and programs offer a “FREE” version of the product or program. Here is the “HARD TRUTH” about these programs. Pay very close attention as I have been doing this a long time and you will not get any BS here. Are you ready?? Make sure you are paying very close attention. Here it is. First, most people will join the “FREE” program and never pay a dime therefore you do not make a commission. Second, the people that do pay or upgrade for the most part will never do anything even if they paid. Why is this? Your guess is as good as mine. It would be like purchasing a new computer but then never taking it out of the box. It makes absolutely no sense to me but these are the facts based on years of my personal experience. If you can come to terms with that and still want to proceed then this is what you need to know.

You need to promote your ass off, no joke! You will see people say things like “promote,promote, promote” and they are not lying. Most of your time will be promoting. The majority of people that join you will either not pay or they will not do a thing. Your job is to find the few that will. There are many people “thousands, maybe millions” that will do work online and are willing to pay the upgrade or pro fees. You have to find those people. Your best bet, in my opinion it to find a Team to work with to help you weed out the bad unworthy ones and focus on the good Team Members that are willing to work. See Task Force Echo on the main page of if you are interested in working with the team that I am part of. If you wish to proceed on your own, good luck to you.