Using Video Marketing

People love how-to videos. They don’t have to be good. They certainly don’t have to be long. When somebody is looking for information they want it now and they want it fast. It does not matter if it is a super polished high production video. In fact, if your fancy video intro is too long they may just click off the video and on to somebody else’s video. Keep it short and sweet and get to the meat! I watch some people ramble on and on about useless information and by the time they ever get to the subject of the video I forget what it was even about. These people just like to hear themselves talk and they are mostly full of hot air. You do not have to show yourself on the video. Some people are afraid to make videos because they do not want to be on screen. You don’t have to be. In fact, if you suck in front of the camera or look bad then that will not be good at all for your marketing efforts. Instead, you can do a series of photos, slides, or record your desktop computer screen. Then you can narrate over top of that (if you can do that good). If you cannot do a good job narrating, then you can just add text into the slides explaining how to do whatever it is you are making a how-to video on. Some people like to use music over the video as well. Do not use copyrighted music or you will get your video banned. Some video sites will have a music section built in that they permit you to use on your videos.

You can have a title slide and an ending slide that show your website address. Make sure it is a short address that can easily be remembered. You can then also put information or links in the description under the video.