Save time with organization

Either start a spreadsheet on your computer or get an empty notebook. If you are going to use a lot of traffic exchanges then you should devote an entire spreadsheet or large section of your notebook just for that. Label it “Traffic Exchanges”. start with # or 0-10 something that signifies numbers. Some of the traffic exchanges start with numbers such as start with a number so you need that section first. Then, of course, go A through Z.

If you begin to do all the things suggested in this blog, you will start to get a large number of websites that you need the name and password for. Use your notebook or spreadsheet to keep track of all of this and do not use the same password on any of the sites.

You will need to first list the website like Then list your user name and password. Next, you will need to login to that site and go to your promotion or affiliate section. You need to also write down your Referral Id# and keep this with the other information. This will normally be at the end of your affiliate link. Sometimes it is your user name, other times (in fact, most of the time) they assign you a number. Keep this with the other information. This is very important. Here is why. When you join a traffic exchange they normally have a section called Downline Builder. This is a great way to get people easily into your downlines. They will have a list of traffic exchanges or other programs in this section. You simply enter all of your Referral Id numbers and then hit the update button. Now, when someone joins this traffic exchange under you and they go to this section, if they sign up for any of the programs in the downline builder list (and you have your id# in place), then you will get that person in your downline for that program. Any programs you are not part of you can join while you are filling out the list. You don’t have to join them but if you don’t then whoever already has their id# in place will get that person in their downline instead of you.

Hopefully these tips will help keep you organized on this adventure.