The Anixas System

Here is a multi-part game-plan I am calling The Anixas System.
This is pretty much a collection of the easiest free and/or cheap programs that will enable you to start a nice little Internet Marketing biz. 
Check them out , please go in order and use my affiliate links to join up. This way you make sure you are on my Team and you will be working with the same people that I work with on a daily basis. If you are already a member of any of the programs then just use what you already have. You do not need to rejoin. You just will not be under my Team on those ones.

affiliate disclosure: yes I am an affiliate of this program and any program you find on and I may receive credits or compensation if anyone joins via my affiliate link as this is the nature of affiliate programs.

Cash Juice

Cash Juice Banner

Simple 3 Step Plan

The first step would be to join me in Cash Juice. Click the link or banner above and sign up for free. If you are already a member of Cash Juice then just add me as a friend inside. Once you are signed up follow the simple 3 Step Plan that they have laid out. Part of this plan includes setting up a special Traffic AdBar link. After you set up Cash Juice in Traffic Ad Bar, you will still have some spare spots to use in Traffic Ad Bar. Use these extra spots for what ever else you are promoting. If you don’t have anything else yet to put in these extra spots jump down to the last part of this plan called The AdBlaster and join a few of these ad sites. Then just use those for your extra links in Traffic Ad Bar.

You also have a great place to find leads and make friends with other internet marketers. You can post things on Cash Juice similar to if you were using something like Facebook. They also have a phone app that has surfing built in so you can earn ad credits.

Keeping Organized

I recommend making a folder on your computer now called My System (or whatever you feel like naming yours, make it your own, have fun)
Inside this folder make a text file that you can save your notes and links in.
Copy your special Traffic AdBar links into that text file so you have them. These links were explained to you in the Cash Juice program if you went through that. If you did not , then go back now and do it. All these pieces fit together. If you miss one then you will get lost.

The Really Simple System is back and better than ever! Ryan has revamped and improved the entire program. You could pay thousands for a great funnel system of your own, or simply use this one for free that Ryan has already setup for us! (NOTE: yes there are upgrade options available and yes I am have a PRO upgrade) you will need the Pro Upgrade in order to put your own links in. At the time of this writing it is only $15 one time. If you do not have $15 you can simply join for free and promote it for a while. You will get $5 commissions as a free member. All you have to do is sell three pro upgrades and you will have enough to upgrade yourself.
note:link will open in new tab so you can click and check later if you are surfing right now

oh my

really simple system


After Joining Really Simple System, use the special Traffic Ad Bar links as your Primary Biz and Mystery Links in there. Make sure in your notes file that you made on your computer in a previous step that you put Names beside the Traffic Ad Bar links so you know which programs they go with.

Next. Now you want to Put your Really Simple System link into the Traffic Exchanges that are inside Cash Juice. Most of them give you 3 slots to put websites in. One will be your Traffic AdBar Cash Juice Link, You could add Really Simple System into one of the Traffic Ad Bar Slots if you have any left. Then add the special Traffic Ad Bar Link For Really Simple System or one of the other affiliate links to the Traffic Exchanges.

So now you have Cash Juice and Really Simple System Set up and you can pretty much run this by just surfing the Traffic Exchanges in Cash Juice daily aiming for the 500 hit count. You can track your stats in your back office at Cash Juice to make sure you are hitting your mark. If you want to branch out into more ads you will find some in the Traffic Builder Section in Really Simple System as well as the AdBlaster Section below. You can also advertise Really Simple System as a POST in Cash Juice under your profile area.


mkt hive


If you want to take your operation up another notch then how about building a list and getting a free autoresponder. Click the Link for MarketHive above. This is another social marketing system similar to Cash Juice but they include a free autoresponder. If you choose to add this program to your growing list of programs you could then go add it to Traffic Ad Bar and generate another special link then use MarketHive (TAB Link) as your third promotion in the Traffic Exchanges in Cash Juice. This one I would consider optional as you may or may not want to use an autoresponder but I thought I would include it for you if you need one.

The AdBlaster

ad blaster

Ad Blaster

The final piece of the PUZZLE is The Adblaster Page.
This one gets you into my Team (Task Force Echo) which then opens up a whole bunch of doors for you such as Team Chats and Help in Skype and Google Hangouts. This also gets you more advertising by using our Team Ad Resources (Safelists and Traffic Exchanges). You may have already come upon this as I usually have this linked as one of my Mystery Links in Really Simple System.


So that is it. You should now have a pretty decent System set up that is simple to use every day. Just try to hit your mark of 500 hits as often as you can. If you make any profits it is a good idea to re-invest them into your system such as upgrading in a traffic exchange.

For additional ideas and resources check all the different pages at the top of the site.

affiliate disclosure: yes I am an affiliate of this program and any program you find on and I may receive credits or compensation if anyone joins via my affiliate link as this is the nature of affiliate programs.