Most of the marketing people I deal with also recommend that you use mailers. These are services that you sign up for and then, much like a traffic exchange, you view emails and then get so many credits for viewing each email. There is likely a timer involved that you have to wait for before you earn those credits. Then, based on the amount of credits that you have, you can then send out your own emails to others who are in the system to promote your own offers.

Several of these I have tried and then cancelled. I was getting so many emails in my inbox that I could not keep up with any of them. Sometimes you get hundreds of emails. They suggest you open a separate Gmail account to handle this type of mailer system (like I need another email account). So, most of my testing results with these programs were frustrating and I was overloaded with email that was too much to process.

That has all changed as of a couple of days ago. I found a new mailer program that is easy to use and does not clutter my mail. You can even select how much mail you want to receive each day. Not only that, but on sign-up there is a check box you should keep an eye out for where you can keep the mail out of your email box and just view it on their website (this is the option I chose, of course). This is working much better. And also, sending your own email promotion out from this service is a breeze and there is a box you can check where it will keep a copy of the message in case you want to send the same one out again. You can mail once a day to about 500 people in the basic free account. Click the ad below if you need a good mailer service.

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