Joining Free Programs

So when you go on traffic exchanges, ad-boards, classifieds, etc. my recommendation is that you sign up for as many free programs as possible. What for? , you may ask. Well, valuable gems and hidden secrets, of course. What I mean is this, there are tons of totally FREE programs out there that you may come upon, for instance, while surfing a traffic exchange. When something catches your eye, especially if it is free, go ahead and sign up for it. You have nothing to lose. Once inside you can determine if this is something useful to you or not. Perhaps when you get inside then you find out the main program is not for you but you find an advertising resource that you did not know about (see hidden gem). Or, you can just get ideas for your own websites or programs by seeing what they have to offer. Or, you might join and find out that it is really something to pursue. So, get in there, and see what FREE gems you can find today. Happy Hunting!

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

You are here at Power Secrets to get the edge. You are one of thousands of marketers selling the same products to people. The more popular the product, the more competition that you have. That is a simple fact. Number One: Be unique. Remember there are many others out there selling the exact same thing that you are. You need to set yourself apart from them. Number Two: Be the best. Take a look at what others are doing in your niche and then beat them at it. Look at their websites or sales materials and then devise a way to do it better. Make a better website or better sales copy than your competitors. Number Three: Give a bonus. Find some bonus offers or e-books that you can give away that compliment your offer. Sometimes I feel that people tend to go a bit overboard with this part. No-one wants to be reading your sales page and then also have to keep scrolling for days reading about all 50 of your bonus offers. That just makes it look like you have a stockpile of old e-books that you are trying to unload. If you are going to do a bonus offer, I would suggest only one or two bonus items, but make them really good ones. Also, make sure that they really go with the original product so the customer gets added value on the original purchase. Number Four: Get them on your list. They say the list is where the money is at. There are many ways to go about this. You can give away an e-book. Newsletters or daily emails are something you can have people sign up for. You can even use multiple methods for list building, or any of these things. In fact, I encourage that. Why use one tactic? Go all out. Be creative, and most of all, have fun!

Tips on choosing a niche

People are looking for all sorts of things on the internet. You have virtually thousands or millions of topics at your disposal. Your chosen niche site can be any specific topic. It is best to find one that has a lot of people searching for it but not many websites. Or, you can try the other route and go with what people are most searching for, but there will be a lot more competition. Some big topics that people are always looking for are; weight loss, skin care, business opportunities, dating(relationships),  jobs(employment), and financial(insurance,debt). If you choose to go with the big topics you will need to do a lot more advertising or develop advertising strategies that are unique. Remember, nothing is impossible. You can develop your own methods and/or use a combination of learned techniques. You will also want to choose something that you know about or have a great interest in. If you are going to make a niche website or blog, you will need to be coming up with fresh content all the time. You can provide what you already know or can do research to find things out and then re-explain them on your blog. If you were to do a niche such as “debt collection” , and you knew nothing about this topic, then you might be bored trying to find information to write on your site. Make sure you are having fun with it or you will not want to work on it every day.