AutoSurf Traffic Exchanges


Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges

Auto Surf TE’s are a type of traffic exchange that you do not have to click endlessly in order to get credits. You simply ad your sites and then when you surf the pages just go automatically to the next site. You can walk away and just let it roll and you will be getting credits. This makes it simple and less work as you do not have to click, but remember many people will just let it go and walk away or let it go in a different tab. Some people will watch it and so you should not (not use them) but there is a way to capitalize on this type of process. Here is an example of a site I use on Auto Surf sites: Monster Site for Auto Surf
And here is a second example of one of my AutoSurf Sites: Credit Hog Nitro Burner
Every time this page is shown I get credits in 1TAE and Free Advertising For You because of the two ads I have at the bottom of this page. So it does not matter if people are seeing the page or not, as long as it is being shown I am racking up credits at those two websites. However, the ad at the top is for people that may be watching the auto surf. You will notice I have text in big letters that says the link will open in a new page. This way people can easily click that ad if they want more information and keep their autosurf going since it will open up a new page.
There are many sites out there that will give you ads like the ones at the bottom of this page so you can create your page with the sites you like the most.