On my surfing adventures tonight I discovered that Ryan’s site, Really Simple System is no more. I saw him go through several different incarnations of this site. I tried to stick with him but never really promoted it as much as I could have. I did think the concept was a good one (not the $1 commissions part), but the rest of it. My preference was the way he had it to begin with, but for whatever reason that model must not have been working out. The last version of the site was my least favorite. I had been trying to stick with it but at the same time just thinking I should let it be. Now the answer is final as he has closed the site for good. This is the message I found when I landed on it tonight. (I added the site name to the screenshot). You can read Ryan’s message in the below screenshot.

Find something new at http://anixas.com

no more really simple system
Really Simple System is Closed for good.

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