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1:1 Traffic Exchange

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Anixas ColorsWelcome to the new Anixas website. You will find information here on free and inexpensive traffic, affiliate programs, banner advertising and more. We strive to provide great value for you. Thank you for stopping by. In this first post I will give you some affiliate links for a few 1:1 Traffic Exchanges. If you do not know what a traffic exchange is I will briefly explain this. You basically add your advertisements to the site. These can be full page ads, banner ads, text ads, and more. You will view some ads and in return your sites get views. Many of these sites will only give you .30 or .50 when you view a site. Most of the time this can be increased when you pay for an upgrade at the site. What we are looking at today is getting you the best at no cost. So we want 1 to 1 or 1 view for each view that you see. You will normally click on matching images at the top of the screen after a timer completes. Then you go to the next page.

Here are some of my affiliate links to 1:1 Traffic Exchanges.

(ad) affiliate link Subzero Hits
(ad) affiliate link 1-1 Hits
(ad) affiliate link Traffic G