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My name is Mike Cosma and I am the Owner of this website. Here you will find all kinds of internet marketing information. Please use the convenient sign-up form above it you would like to join my mailing list (thank you). I deal primarily with affiliate programs. Please read the site disclaimer and how to use this site so you understand what you are seeing. Please take special note that pretty much everything you see on this website including the entire website itself could be considered an ad/ads for affiliate products. Since this is the main focus of the website, this is what we have. I can earn hits, clicks, and or monetary payments for any sign-ups that I may receive from any of the linked ads on these pages. I have tried to clearly mark each item with an notification so there is no confusion. If you are not comfortable with this fact, then I recommend that you should leave the website now. Here comes an ad right now. I am a member of Task Force Echo Team. If you are interested in working with our team please click the banner (Task Force Echo) for more information. And we keep growing! We are now working with Elizabeth Reed on multiple projects. First off, she is now the owner of VIP Solos. Elizabeth also has Aquarian Mails and Vanish and Recruit with Liz among other projects. If you would like to get started with all that she has to offer I recommend beginning with Aquarian Mail and then you can find out everything else from there. You will find a banner further down the page for Aquarian Mails. Be sure to check out the link that is called The System above.

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So first off, you will find loads of free advertising here to use. Look around and if you see something that looks interesting then check it out. This is all about affiliate marketing so be sure you understand that. Read the disclaimer at the top and how to use this site.


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AD Blasters: are they real?

One thing that sounds great to an online marketer is an Ad Blaster. This makes it sound like in no time you can get mega advertising out for minimal effort. This is not always the case. If it were really that simple, everyone would be doing that and internet marketing would only take a mere 5 minutes a day. Some of the Blasters that I have come across are actually Fake Websites LOL! Yes Really. They look real and it looks like you are sending to millions of double opt-in emails. However, I did a tracking test on some of these and got a big fat “ZERO” clicks on my ads. If you really BLAST an ad to millions of double opt-ins, you would expect to get at least a minimum of 500 hits based on my results from other methods. So, to get “ZERO” tells me that those type of BLASTERS are not doing anything. If you ever try one of those please do a test and track it and see for yourself. I have scattered multiple “REAL” Blaster sites around this website, check the links above for anything marked Blaster (many are Blaster just because of the name but not actually a blaster but you will see). Now, the closest thing to a real blaster type program that I have been able to find is a program called Herculist. I took the OTO on this one and upgraded for only $15 per year (a steal!). With Herculist I can mail out to over 70,000 people every 48 hours without having to click any emails or earn credits. You may think that people may not open these, but they do. In my case, I get at least 50 clicks (usually more), on each mailing that I do. This is spread out over several days as many people do not check their email daily. If you would like to see what Herculist is all about here is the link to that (my affiliate link): (ad)Herculist
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Welcome Internet Marketers

This is a Collection of current programs that I am using and recommending.As per the nature of the online marketing business, these links do contain the referral links to the programs. This enables me to profit and/or receive credits for showing you the links. You can find many programs online that are designed in such a way. You will find here programs that I personally use on a daily basis. Why would I give you my secrets?? Because, in this business we all help each other out. It ends up to everyone’s benefit. Plus, if you join under me in any of these programs I will be best positioned to help you out if you need any tips.

The very best thing you can do is work with me and my team over at Team Charlie a division of Task Force Echo. Here we work together to make sure we are all earning and learning. If you are willing to do some work, invest some money, and follow directions then welcome aboard. And yes I said invest some money. You are not going to make any if you are not willing to put some in along with your time and massive action. There is no “get rich Quick” this is a myth. If you see make this much money in this many days it is not reality. Like any other business you start from nothing and slowly build something then one day you should start earning if you stick with it long enough and put enough time, money, and energy into it. It really does take “massive” action. If you are not willing to put forth “massive” action , like if you are a couch potato, then you are never going to get anywhere with this. I would suggest you find something else to do. You must be able to put in hours daily if you aim to get anywhere in this field.

Internet Marketing is a tough business and requires a lot of work. There are no magic buttons or magic sites you can set-up to produce money for you. There is a lot more to it than that. It requires a lot of HARD WORK and complete DEDICATION. If you do not have these work ethics then you should leave this site and find something else to do. There is no guarantee you or anyone else will make any money from any of the programs listed on these pages. The good news is most of these programs offer some kind of training to get you setup and going in the right direction. Please pay attention and follow the advice and watch any instruction videos if they are provided. Coach K and Team Charlie are ready for you anytime you are. Join me there. (click the Task Force Echo banner someplace above).

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